About Us


Our Vision

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIIT Hyderabad is a non-profit organization run by students, and has been established with the objective of creating, manifesting and guiding the entrepreneurial spirit in the student community and to encourage them to be successful entrepreneurs. We want to build an ecosystem where networking and knowledge sharing can happen. To this end, we conduct several events, seminars and workshops both for students of and beyond our college for the purpose of cultivating this entrepreneurial spirit.

What Motivates Us

Turning ideas into reality is the sorcery that is best left to entrepreneurs. And we love helping out in spreading this art, because we believe that we need to realise and utilise the potential of the youth to reach new levels and open up new possibilities. For this we conduct numerous workshops, seminars, events and interactive sessions with eminent entrepreneurs, thus, providing the students exposure to the entrepreneurial world along with a platform to work on the live projects from start-ups.