Demystifying Entrepreneurship

At E-Cell, we aim to inspire university students to start their own ventures and dispel the many fears that surround starting one's own company.


About Us

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIIT Hyderabad is a non-profit organization run by students, and has been established with the objective of creating, manifesting and guiding the entrepreneurial spirit in the student community and to encourage them to be successful entrepreneurs. We want to build an ecosystem where networking and knowledge sharing can happen. To this end, we conduct several events, seminars and workshops both for students of and beyond our college for the purpose of cultivating this entrepreneurial spirit.

Flagship Events


Started in 2016, Megathon is an ambitious hackathon organised by E-Cell IIIT Hyderabad with the intention of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and development among the student community in and around Hyderabad. Every edition has been a growing success with the participation steadily increasing. In 2018, we had around 1000 participants.

200+ ideas

1000+ participants


Fail? is a celebration of the moments we don't generally share: the moments of failure. Here, incredible keynote speakers from diverse backgrounds will share their inspiring stories of setbacks, challenges, and how they transformed failure into a stepping stone towards their ultimate success. The speaker panel for the event consists of some of the most eminent and accomplished personalities in their respective fields. The event has witnessed a large audience in its past 2 iterations.

300+ attendees

 Full auditorium!

Startup Aid

Startup Aid is a 3-sprint program to help IIIT-H students take their startup idea from paper to the market by connecting the students with experts who provide valuable insights and help them structure their concepts. After successful completion of the 3 sprints, students can pitch their idea in front of CIE and receive funding. The first iteration of the program saw 5 ideas getting incubated.
The only prerequisite is to have an interest in startups and the enthusiasm to build one! Startup Aid 3.0 will have an exclusive ideation phase initially, to cater to the motivated participants who don't have a concrete idea yet. Already have an interesting idea? Start directly from the 2nd phase or if it needs more polishing, start off with phase 1.

5 Teams Incubated!

130+ Team Applicants

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