Demystifying Entrepreneurship

At E-Cell, we aim to inspire university students to start their own ventures and dispel the many fears that surround starting one's own company.

About Us

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIIT Hyderabad is a non-profit organization run by students, and has been established with the objective of creating, manifesting and guiding the entrepreneurial spirit in the student community and to encourage them to be successful entrepreneurs. We want to build an ecosystem where networking and knowledge sharing can happen. To this end, we conduct several events, seminars and workshops both for students of and beyond our college for the purpose of cultivating this entrepreneurial spirit.

Flagship Events


Started in 2016, Megathon is an ambitious hackathon organised jointly by E-Cell IIIT Hyderabad and E-Cell IIT Hyderabad with the intention of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and development among the student community in and around Hyderabad. Every edition has been a growing success with the participation steadily increasing. In 2018, we had around 1000 participants.

200+ ideas

1000+ participants


Fail is a celebration of the moments we don’t generally share: the moments of failure. The concept behind it is to inspire resilience by sharing the failure stories of celebrities. Started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fail was organised in Asia for the first time in March. The speaker panel consisted of Aditi Awasthi, the CEO of Embibe, Dutee Chand, Silver Medalist at Asian Games, Viiveck Verma, CSO of Srinivasa Farms, Ajay Siotra, a top 16 contestant on Masterchef India, and Pankhuri Gidwani, Miss Grand India. The event witnessed a large audience which is expected to increase in subsequent years.

300+ attendees

 Full auditorium!

Startup Aid

Startup Aid is a 5-week program aimed at helping IIIT-H students take their startup idea from paper to the market. The program connects students with experts in the field who provide them with valuable insights and help them structure their idea. After succesful completion of the 5 weeks, students can pitch their idea in front of CIE and recieve funding. The first iteration of the program saw 5 ideas getting incubated.

5 Teams Incubated!

130+ Team Applicants

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