Talk by Arthur Falls

A talk on “DFINITY: The Road to Randomness” by Arthur Falls was conducted by E-Cell IIIT Hyderabad on August 8, 2018 at IIIT Hyderabad.

About the Speaker:

Arthur Falls has a background in journalism, content marketing, and media production and has produced several popular blockchain-centric podcasts, most notably Beyond Bitcoin, The Ether Review, and The Third Web.

About the talk:

Blockchain networks rely on one thing above all others for security: The generation of unpredictable, non-manipulable, verifiable randomness. This is used to select a block maker, build a wall of security, and in future platforms, assign special roles to network participants. This talk was a quick introduction to randomness generation, covering Proof of Work (Bitcoin), Commit & Reveal (Ethereum - Proof of Stake, Tezos), and DFINITY’s verifiable random function, Threshold Relay.