UNIspotter is a mobile platform connecting the right students with the right universities. For students, UNIspotter is the destination for every step in the university application journey - adding ease, accessibility and transparency.
For universities, UNIspotter is a reliable & trustworthy source of international student recruitment. They receive all relevant information about the course and university, fees, expected careers and industry trends.

Furthermore, ‘UNIspotter Buddies’ then guide them through the application process, help them apply and prepare them for their time abroad. E-Cell IIIT-H partnered with Unispotter to help IIITians realise their dream of studying in the best universities across the world, and do research that matters.
A team from Unispotter headed by Mr. Christoph Trost came to IIIT-H on 12th September and gave a talk on how the process of applying to live abroad goes about and how Unispotter could help in making this process easy and stress free.