AR/VR Workshop

Want to be the next Elon Musk? Or want to do something in unexplored fields just like SpaceX and Tesla? So far, our experience with the internet has been two-dimensional at best. But all of that is about to change. Virtual reality is going to upend the world and cause a monumental shift in the way we surf, shop and experience the web. It will dramatically transform the way we learn, live, communicate and connect with others around the world. E-Cell, IIIT Hyderabad along with Felicity, IIIT Hyderabad present an Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality workshop. This will be a special workshop curated by Vamrr™ which is a pioneer in the field of Virtual Reality. We would have a panel discussion on AR-VR from the most basic questions in our mind to actually getting a hands on experience of it. So come, live the future with us. Limited seats available, so buy your ticket asap.